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Very Basic English Grammar 

The Verb "to be" E1/E2

E1/E2 - Time

E1/E2 - Adjectives

E1/E2 - Prepositions of Place

E1/E2 - Conjunctions

E1/E2 - Ajectives of appearnce

E3/L1 - Adverbs of frequency 

E3/L1 Adverbs of possibility

E3/L1 Collocations


Grammar Links​

Alternative Questions



Adverbs of Frequency


Asking Questions

Auxiliary Verbs  

Conditional - Zero & First Conditional 

Conditionals - First & Second Conditionals

Conditionals - Third Conditional  


Each & Every

Future Continuous

Future Perfect

Future Perfect Continuous

Future Simple




Model Verbs


Object in a sentence

Other & Another

Passive Voice  

Past Continuous 

Past Perfect

Past Perfect Continuous

Past Cont. Vs P. Perfect Cont.

Past Simple

Phrasal Verbs

Possessive Apostrophe  

Possessive Pronouns

The Predicate in a sentence

Prepositions of Place

Prepositions of Time

Present Continuous 

Present Perfect

Present Perfect Continuous

Present Simple



Punctuation - Comma

Question Tags

Regular & Irregular Verbs

Relative Clauses

Reported Speech

So & Such

Some & Any

Subject in a sentence

Subject-Verb Agreement

Than or Then

Too & Enough

Transition Words

Verbs - Irregular

Zero Articles



E1/L2 - Oxford 3000

E1/E3 - Pearson Word List 

E1/L1 - Regular Verb list

E1/L1 - Irregular Verb list

E1/L1 - Phrasal Verb list

E3/L2 - Human Organs list

E3/L1 Adjectives to describe a person

E3/L1 Adjectives to describe a place


E1 Care ESOL Workbook

E2 Care ESOL Workbook

E3/L1 Care ESOL Workbook

ESOL / FS English L1 / L2 Curriculum Web-links: 




Types of sentences

Simple, Compound, Complex sentences with more than one Subordinate Clause.

Imperative sentences & other types

Cleft sentences for emphasis

Fronting sentences for emphasis

Conjunctions to express causes, results, reasons and purpose  

Conjunctions for adding

Conjunctions for contrasting 

Conjunctions for time

Conjunctions for concessions or suppositions  


Conditionals with unless

Defining relative clauses

Non-defining relative clauses


Participle clauses to describe accompanying actions with “ing”

Comparative clauses

Noun clauses

Reported speech

Tense changes while using reported speech

Reported speech with if and whether

Reported requests and instructions


Word order for determiners


Word order for adjectives

Definite, indefinite & zero articles

Present Perfect Simple & Present Perfect Continuous Tenses

Past Perfect Simple & Past Perfect Continuous Tenses  

Phrasal Verbs

Phrasal verbs - list


Adverbs of time

Adverbs of Manner

Adverbs of degree

Adverbs of place

Adverbs of frequency

Adverbials of probability

Comparative and superlative forms of adverbs

Word order for adverbs

Reading Skills

BC A1-Dictionary definitions

BC A1-Text message to a friend

BC A1-Notes at work

BC A1-Student card applications 

BC A1-Job adverts 

BC A1-Holiday home adverts 

BC A1-Business cards 

BC A1-A study time-table

BC A1-An airport departure board 

BC A1-A poster for exam candidates

BC A1-A restaurant menu

BC A1-A poster at work

BC A2- A message to a new friend

BC A2- An email from a friend 

BC A2-An end of term report

BC A2- An invitation to a job interview

BC A2- Choosing a conference venue

BC A2- English course prospectus

BC A2- Professional profile summarise

BC A2- Study skills tips 

BC B1-The Martians 

BC B1-A social media influencer

BC B1-The legend of fairies 

BC B1-Robot teachers 

BC B1-PLanning an event 

BC B1-Digital habits across generations 

BC B1-Innovation in business

BC B1-How to spot fake news

BC B1-Encyclopedia entry 

BC B1-A conference programme

BC B1-An email request for help

BC B1-A travel guide

BC B1-A flyer for a gym

BC B2-Work-life balance 

BC B2-Why bridges collapse 

BC B2-The sharing economy 

BC B2-The buy nothing movement 

BC B2-Star Wars and the hero myth

BC B2-Millennials in the workplace

BC B2-Instant messages 

BC B2-Cultural expectations and leadership

BC B2-Asteroids

BC B2-A short story extract 

BC B2-An email from a friend

BC B2-A plastic ocean - A film review

BC C1-The state of the world

BC C1- Sustainable supermarkets

BC C1- Political manifesto 

BC C1- Managing a problem 

BC C1- Life on Mars

BC C1- How humans evolved?

BC C1- Horror film clichés

BC C1- Giving and receiving positive feedback 

BC C1- A threat to bananas

BC C1- Four book summaries 

BC C1- Cultural behaviour in business

BC C1- A biography of Kilian Jornet 

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